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Moore Civil War Revolver, Inscribed - Lot #4521

This is a very good to fine condition Moore Revolver manufactured in Brooklyn, NY. It is accompanied with its original Civil War Officer's belt and holster, both stamped "B. Kittredge & Co. Cinci,, Ohio", the well-known arms dealer that sold large quantities of Colt Revolvers and Henry Rifles during the Civil War. The gun is in fine condition showing scattered bluing on the barrel and 70 - 80% on the cylinder. The frame shows 80 - 85% original silver plate and the grips retain 80%+ original varnish. The belt and holster are in good condition but show use and age. Kittredge markings are weak but easily discernible. The back-strap is inscribed "Capt. A. Z. Blodgett" who served with the 96th Illinois Infantry from the fall of 1862 - August of 1864. Captain Aziel Z. Blodgett and the 96th did not receive its baptism of blood until 1863 on the
right of the historic field of Chickamauga where it lost 220 of the
rank and file, over 50 percent of the men engaged being killed,
wounded or missing. The command held the ground upon which it had fought Longstreet's veterans so gallantly and only left
the line when night closed the battle. On Sept. 21 the divi-
sion held Missionary ridge, where the regiment lost two compa-
nies, C and H, after a determined resistance, they having been
left on picket when the army fell back that night to Chatta-
nooga. On Oct. 27 it crossed the river into Wauhatchie valley,
and re-crossed on the 29th to support Gen. Hooker, in which en-
gagement the regiment lost several men. On Nov. 24 the 96th
was ordered to the extreme right on the front line at Lookout Mountain, climbed up the mountain side to where it rises perpendicularly, and then flanking the enemy's works, poured a destructive fire down the rifle pits, which caused the Confederates to give way eventually evacuate
the mountain. On Feb. 25, 1864, it took position in the front
line and was heavily engaged all day in the action at "Buzzard
Roost. On May 3 it moved on the Atlanta cam-
paign; was engaged at Rocky Face ridge, losing heavily; entered
Dalton on the 13th, fought again at Resaca, with heavy loss,
skirmished with the enemy on the 19th and drove him through
Kingston, south of which place the army rested until the 24th.
In the assault on Kennesaw mountain the regiment lost heavily.
After the close of the Atlanta campaign the 96th followed Hood
into Tennessee and was engaged in the desperate battle of
Franklin. During the battle of Nashville it behaved gallantly,
carried the enemy's line near Franklin pike, planted the first
colors on his earthworks, and captured a battery of 12-pound
Napoleons, together with prisoners far exceeding the number of
men in the regiment, but the loss was quite heavy in killed and
wounded. Joining in pursuit of the remnant of Hood's command
to the Tennessee river, the regiment exchanged the last infan-
try shots with that army. On June 10, 1865, the regiment was
ordered to Camp Douglas, Ill., for final pay and muster out. This is a really great, identified Civil War Inscribed Revolver, in its original rig and straight from the attic of the direct descendants of Blodgett. They don't come much better than this.

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Moore Civil War Revolver, Inscribed


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