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Terms and Conditions

Payments may be made by personal check, money order, or certified funds. We do not accept credit or debit cards of ANY type. All items are shipped via FED-EX and must be returned via FED-EX. Buyers have three days to inspect items including the day of receipt. Any item may be returned for any reason within the three day inspection period, provided:

       1. Buyer must contact Michael Simens via phone prior to returning any item.

       2. Item is returned in the condition in which it was shipped & received.



Money Back Guarantee

Items are guaranteed to be authentic antiques with original components & finish with the exception of screws and internal parts unless otherwise noted. We cannot guarantee percentage of finish, as this becomes a matter of opinion and can vary even among experts. Buyer must determine desirability. After inspection and approval, any item deemed not to be authentic (in writing), by a recognized authority can be returned for 100% of the purchase price.

Suitability For Use Waiver

All items available for sale from this website are classified by The United States and other Governments as "Antiques". They are not deemed as "Firearms". They are specifically identified as "Antiques" and "Obsolete". We do not buy or sell any type of modern guns. We do not buy or sell any type of weapons or firearms that use fixed ammunition that has been manufactured for use with weapons manufactured after 1898. We do not buy or sell shotguns with rare exceptions. We do not buy or sell any type of Bolt Action Rifles or Semi-automatic arms of any type or from any period of manufacture. In short, we buy and sell only obsolete, collectible antiques. We recommend that no one ever attempt to load, much less attempt to shoot any antique firearm. Such a practice is unsafe. Purchasers and others are encouraged never to attempt to load any antique firearms and purchasers of items from this website assume any and all liability contingent to such attempts to load and/or shoot items purchased from this website.


All content on this website is the property of as is all correspondence with Michael Simens using communication venues listed therein. All text, images and correspondence is legally privileged, copyrighted and/or confidential. No user of this website nor addressee may forward, print, copy, disclose, disseminate, distribute or otherwise reproduce any text, images or correspondence with Michael Simens in any manner that would allow it to be viewed by 3rd parties without written permission.